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Muslime Calndar define that Ashura falls on the 10th of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar. For Sunnis, Ashura commemorates the exodus of Moses from Egypt, and is commonly determined through completing an optionally available fast as practiced via the Prophet Muhammad.may-3-768x556 (1).png

Image Source: May Monthly Holiday Calendar 

at the moment also marks the anniversary of the tragic demise of the Prophet’s grandson, Husain on the hands of the Umayyad ruler Yazid. For Shi’because the day is marked with mourning and regularly with enactments of the tragic event.june-2019-8-768x667.jpeg

Image Source: June Monthly Holiday Calendar 

2019 Calendar: Ramadan: may also 6 – June four, 2019 Eid ul-Fitr: June five, 2019
Hajj: August eight – thirteen, 2019 Eid ul-Adha: August 12, 2019 Islamic New year: August 31, 2019 (1441 A.H.*) Ashura: September 10, 2019 Mawlid an-Nabi (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday): November nine, 2019.july-2019-1-768x667.png

Image Source: July Monthly Holiday Calendar 

After Hijrah (Hijrah manner “migration” in Arabic. This refers back to the migration that the Prophet Muhammad crafted from Mecca every day Medina inside the yr 622 C.E., which marks the start of the Islamic Calendar).
Please notice: In some communities and daily on differences in scholarly reviews, actual dates are problem everyday local sightings of the new moon. For extra facts, please contact ING at 408-296-7312.august-2019-1-768x586.png

Image Source: August  Monthly Holiday Calendar 
Islamic Astronomy software program The Islamic calendar is every day on visibility of the crescent Moon. that is a dayeveryday difficult scientific trouble. We recognise perfectly well where the Moon and the sun are at any given time, but how mild daily the Moon be and the way dark day-to-day the sky be earlier than we can see the crescent? And what if the weather is bad?september-2019-1-768x586.png

Image Source: September Monthly Holiday Calendar 
in case you want every day get an inexpensive estimate for whilst the Moon could be seen, the are several quality portions of software program dayeveryday.
HM Nautical Almanac Observaday-to-dayry in the united kingdom makes very satisfacdayeveryday lunar visibility charts. international First Sighting of recent Crescent Moon data is given for the final couple of years. The charts for the current month also are every day be had at Moon Watch.october-2019-3-768x586.pngImage Source: October Monthly Holiday Calendar 

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